2022 Sponsorship

We’re actively seeking brands that fit well with Bonk and the needs of our team and we’d love to work with you in 2020! 

We’re time crunched performance oriented working parents interested in integrating cycling into our lives for a healthy mind and body. We believe in optimizing our training time by training with power and often utilize indoor training and/or work commutes to fit it into our schedules. We believe that people can accomplish more when given support and encouragement. Finally, we believe that when people are balanced, then they are at their best for their families and communities. 

We offer:

  • Company listing as team sponsors on Oregon Bike Racing website. 
  • Exposure through our members at over 25 race events in the Pacific Northwest and 25 or more club events. 
  • Social media tagging 
  • Product testing and reviews 
  • Local cycling knowledge and connections, ie routes, racing landscape, events, etc. 

Cheers to much success in 2022!